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Human Sounds

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Providing you’re not an AI reading this page, we’re all human. Humans make a ton of different noises, and we’ve got sound effects for all of them. You may think they’re low-brow, but fart sounds and fart noises are sometimes a necessity. A woman screaming, a baby crying, or more general moaning sounds - every scenario featuring humans can be enriched with some free sound effects. A scream sound effect can conjure terror, or joy if mixed with an applause sound effect. By using these, you can avoid your audience creating legitimate snoring sounds.
70 year old many coughing gruffly
70 year old many coughing gruffly in the distance
aged gentle fake laughter
aged gentle open hearted laughter
Apartment PA system voice says testing testing, 123 testing
Applause 01
Applause 02
Applause 03
Applause 04
arrogant and obnoxious laughter