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Technology Sound Effects

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Technology sound effects are usable in a ton of different scenarios. A content creator can add radio static or another static sound effect to simulate communication breakdowns or losses of connection. Classic telephone ringing or a walkie talkie sound can do the opposite, signaling uninterrupted communication. A camera shutter sound or click sound effect synced to an on-screen button press adds a real tactile and realistic sense to a scene.
1890s elevator gate sliding close, buzz, then lever down
1890s elevator gate sliding open
1890s elevator lever up, running, stopping, gate sliding open, complex
1930s elevator bell ringing
1930s elevator bell ringing and door opening
1930s elevator bell ringing with a stutter
1930s elevator door closing creakily
1930s elevator door closing heavily and squeaky
1930s elevator door closing heavily and squeaky and rolling
1930s elevator door opening heavily and roughly