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Ambisonic Recordings

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The "Ambisonic Recordings" sound pack contains original field recordings in three-dimensional, 360-degree audio. Ambisonics is a sound format that has become the standard of the VR industry and 360 video. The ambisonics sounds (AMBI blue button) come as 4-channel WAV files that capture the full directivity information for every sound wave that hits the microphone. The most popular format called Ambisonics B-format. The sounds have been recorded at 96kHz-24bits using an ambisonic four capsule microphone and as a result the ambisonic files are very large compared to the respective WAV or the MP3 versions. In order to use the ambisonics recordings, you need to decode the four B-format channels for the specific speaker array you want, by using an ambisonic encoder. There are many choices out there such as SoundField, a free plugin by RØDE. Simply download and drag the ambisonic file into your NLE or DAW and apply the SoundField plugin to its track. Now you can select NT-SF1 from the input menu and the mic orientation as mentioned in the sound title and then you can set the output to mono, stereo, all the way up to 7.1.2