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Beeps with a buzz, raw, two tone, tight, short then long
Beeps with a clean aspect, thin with a crystal aspect, mid then low
Bus station platform ambience under an overhang with buses arriving, loop
Crowd at a mental health hospital reception idle with distinct voices checking in and worker chat, exit
Crowd cheer to chanting “Defense” with clapping and building in the distance
Crowd in a gym with preschool kids and teacher explaining rules of a game
Crowd in Bali at Kasih Ibu Hospital in a waiting room with voices, idling and chatting
Crowd of men chanting “Let’s go Canada let’s go” with clapping building to a cheer in the distance
Ferrari Challenge race at a turn passing by and accelerating in a pack, fast with tires during the first lap
Four lane traffic over streetcar rails, easy waves to singles