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Boeing 737 jet airliner passing by over head, muted and vast
Drone ambience with a solemn vast resonance aspect and with an ambient high trickle in a loop
Drone, airy and vast and evolving scarily with whispering breathy vocal swells in a loop
Drone, airy and vast, hollow unsettling ring in a loop
Drone, hollow with a drifting thick and vast ring and with sparse atmospheric metallic hits in a loop
Drone, musical and buzzing with serious drifting low hollow aspect and thoughtful slow, sparse chords in a loop
Drone, musical and swirling, brooding, hollow and vast and tentative high notes in a loop
Drone, resonant with forlorn spacious ringing bed and subtle subsonic accents in a loop
Drone, shimmering thick with powerful vast bed and sparse buzzing accents in a loop
Drone, swirling and ringing with a lost, vast and breathy aspect and with subtle vocal swelling accents in a loop