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Button, sound design cybernetic accent, chatter and vocal, low
Button, sound design mechanical cybernetic accent, resonant vocal, strong
Drone, airy and thick, hollow, and powerful and intense in a loop
Drone, airy and vast and evolving scarily with whispering breathy vocal swells in a loop
Drone, ghostly and resonant flowing steady and creepy with subtle flowing vocal choir in a loop
Drone, melodic and angelic with steady thick chord beds and wondrous glassy swirling notes in a loop
Drone, rhythmic industrial forceful metallic sparse hits and breathy vocal flowing airy bed in a loop
Drone, swirling and ringing with a lost, vast and breathy aspect and with subtle vocal swelling accents in a loop
Ferrari Challenge race at a turn passing by and accelerating in a pack, fast with tires during the first lap
Late thirties man sniffing with a vocal snort, then spitting